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Web Design & Development - The MackTeck Way


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So, how do we do it? We believe that every website design and development project requires 4 fundemental elements: the proper planning, an eyecatching design, a back-end developed in the latest coding languages, and thorough testing. If one element is missing, the website will not function at its full potential. Our process acts as a roadmap for your project, making us faster and more efficient. The result? A happy team, and even happier clients.

We understand that you may have a very clear idea of how your website will function or you may not know where to start. We believe that communication is extrememly important and we love learning about our clients' businesses. With knowledge of your business we can work with you to bring your ideas together with our ideas and experience to design and develop a great website that exceeds your goals!

Website Planning

At MackTeck we believe that it is important to learn a great deal about your business before starting your website. If you are located in the New York area, planning will start with an in-person meeting at your location. During this meeting we will ask you many questions about your business, goals, time-frame and budget.

After the initial meeting we will formulate a plan of how your website will function, its features, and its structure. We will then analyze keywords pertaining to your business to determine the best keywords to implement on your website. Our keyword research is based on monthly search volumes and will allow us to start in the right direction. Finally, we will analyze your competitors' websites to get a better idea of your competition which will help us create a website that will lead the way in your market.

Website Design

The average person takes less time than the blink of an eye to form an opinion about a website. Your website is often the first impression that consumers have about your company. This first impression directly reflects your success on the internet, therefore it is important to design a website that is both eyecatching and functional.

During the planning phase we will have analyzed your competition and identified the websites you both liked and disliked. From there we will show you some ideas of styles and designs that we believe could work for your website. Our website designs are modern and incorporate current design techniques to create a website that is tailord to your business.

Website Development

Designing a fantastic looking website is just the start of the project. We develop functional, modern websites using the latest complex coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, etc. This labor intensive development process is the heart of your website and allows all of the required features to work correctly and efficently.

The development phase will also bring together the moving and interactive elements of your website. To bring everything to life we will use JavaScript which will allow us to create Cross Browser Compliant effects that are Search Engine Friendly.

Website Testing

There are many different modern browsers out there: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, to name a few. Not only are there different browsers, each browser has a multitude of versions that all display websites differently. It is important that your website is thoroughly tested on each of these browsers to ensure it works as inteneded for every visitor.

We use specially designed browser testing software to test every website we build to ensure that every aspect of the layout and features work flawlessly. If an issue arises during testing we will modify the code using browser specific classes to correct the issue in the problem browser without affecting the other browsers.

Our Web Design & Development process has many more aspects than we have outlined on this page. If you would like to speak with us to learn a little more about out methods, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.