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The internet is constantly evolving as new technology is implemented and web browsers and mobile devices are created and updated. Meeting the requirements and keeping up with all of the latest technology and applying it to your website is a full-time job that most companies just don’t have the time and/or resources to do.

Why do changes need to be made to my website if it functions perfectly the way it is?

As technology evolves things change and your website that once had a modern look now looks old and outdated. Also, the functionality of your website may have worked on all devices when your website was first launched, but as new devices make it into consumers’ hands they may not support the same platform as their older counterpart.

For example, remember once upon a time when using Flash was the trendy platform to have on your website? It allowed your website to stand out from the crowd and have animation and eye-catching graphics that promoted user interaction. But now, just like your drawer full of old cassette tapes, Flash is outdated. Most mobile devices (IPods, IPads, Blackberries, Androids) will not even allow visitors to see the Flash content. If they do, it is really slow to load and visitors are likely to give up in a few seconds.

How can MackTeck help keep my website up-to-date?

We are the first to know when technology is becoming outdated, which allows us to anticipate potential conflicts with your website and new devices/browsers. We will stay on top of this for you and will notify you of the potential issue(s); we will also make recommendations and help you decide the best path to take. Our goal is to always have your website functioning at its highest potential by facing conflicts head-on instead of waiting for them to occur.

We offer more than just tracking possible website conflicts. Part of our maintenance options include making monthly changes to your website at your request to keep your site synced to your business. These changes include, but are not limited to: uploading new pictures and videos, changing layouts and color schemes, posting events, testimonies, and updating content and promotional offers.

Keeping your website current promotes visitors to return to your site to look for new offerings, and gives them more confidence to buy from you in knowing that you are a legitimate company. It may be beneficial for some clients who require regular updates to consider a retain-service agreement that includes work on a monthly basis at a cost that is lower than our standard rate.

Our clients are always welcome to talk with us by phone, e-mail, or in-person about website improvements and how to make the most of their website. If you are in need of ongoing support, having a completely managed website, or think you may require ongoing services/changes to your website, Contact Us to discuss your options.